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Addu Atoll Holidays

Addu Atoll is the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. Although Addu Atoll does not comprise of too many islands, the size of these islands are larger than the average size of other islands in Maldives. Hithadoo, the capital pf Addu Atoll is the longest island of the country and is also the second largest. Addu Atoll is located at a distance of about 478 kms south of Male. Comprising of 7 islands and inhabited with about 28,000 people, Addu Atoll is the most important economic and administrative centre of the south. Surrounded by large islands from all sides, Addu Atoll boasts of a safe natural harbour which remains calm all throughout the year, irrespective of climate changes.

Awesome Addu Atoll

Addu Atoll is steadily emerging as a prominent tourist destination because of its unique features. Lavishly endowed with coconut palms, the environment of Addu Atoll is purely coastal. The Royal Airforce Base, which was put up by the British in the year 1956 in Gan, has been one of the most vital influences on the modern culture of Addu Atoll. As a result, a large cross section of the population speaks English. Addu Atoll has emerged as a very popular destination for the independent traveller. One can enjoy the hospitalities of the charming “Equator Village” resort, and access as many as 3 islands by cycling through the causeways. Resorts like Shangri-la near Villigili and the well developed travel links have made Addu Atoll a popular tourist centre. Dotted with lakes and marshy wetlands, Addu Atoll is also popular for its whale and dolphin fauna.

General Etiquette

The etiquette of Addu Atoll has an Islamic flavour. Modest dressing styles are preferred and friends are greeted by cordial handshakes. An occasional gift is also appreciated.

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Addu Atoll Holidays

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