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Acoteias Holidays

Holidays in Acoteias mean spending time in a small and pretty village located in Algarve, Portugal. In fact, you can enjoy your Acoteias holidays on one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve. With serene atmosphere and quaint locales on offer, holidays to Acoteias translate into a peaceful and intimate break complete with world-class amenities.

Though Acoteias holidays have a traditional village feel, it does not mean that the village doesn’t offer good accommodation and services. The scenic village enjoys a relaxed atmosphere, which makes Acoteias holidays perfect for a peaceful tour.

Just like you can’t go to Paris and not see the Eiffel tower, Acoteias holidays are incomplete without a trip to Praia de Falesia, the longest beach in Algarve. The beach is a few minutes from Acoteias. In fact, the main highlight of holidays in Acoteias is the beautiful beach that stretches along 6 km and boasts of crystal clear water. It is well-maintained and clean, which adds to its popularity with the tourists on Acoteias holiday.

The thatched umbrellas on the beach allow the Acoteias holidaymakers to relax under the shade  while the nearby bars serve a host of drinks. The children’s playground at the beach near Acoteias keeps the little ones busy and entertained. Since the beach is wide, it is quite easy to find a private space to unwind - making it perfect for honeymooners on Acoteias holidays.

General Etiquette in Acoteias

Politeness is considered  an important social element in Acoteias. When it comes to language, English and French are easily understood by most of the natives, so you shouldn’t face any communication problems during your Acoteias holidays. Spanish should be avoided as locals may not like it. Shouting or snapping is considered rude behaviour.

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